Women Empowerment Through Education

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is a global issue and discussion on women political right are at the fore front of many formal and informal campaigns world wide. The concept of women empowerment was introduced at the international women conference at NAROIBI in 1985. Education is milestone of women empowerment because it enables them to responds to the challenges , to confront their traditional role and change their life . Continue reading “Women Empowerment Through Education”

Benefits of Early Literacy Learning

Education is a fundamental aspect of a person’s social, economic, and emotional developmental. Starting education early is therefore advantageous. Focusing specifically on early literacy; statistics prove that an early literary development can radically improve a child’s chance for a formidable career. Early literacy developmental practices have been taking place for many years now. Many different literacy programs offer statistical and other information to demonstrate the benefits of learning literacy early. Continue reading “Benefits of Early Literacy Learning”

National Honor Society Entrance Essay

After doing some research on the National Honor Society, I learned that one must demonstrate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service in order to be considered for membership into the National Honor Society. Therefore, by showing that I possess each of these four qualities, I can contribute to the Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti Catholic High School community as a member of the National Honor Society. Continue reading “National Honor Society Entrance Essay”

Basketball Diaries by Scott Kalvert

“Culture is the complex whole which includes all habits acquired by man as a member of society,” said Ruth Benedict in Patterns of Culture. I can think of no movie that proves that more than Director Scott Kalvert’s 1995 film, The Basketball Diaries. Based on the autobiography of rocker and former heroin addict Jimmy Caroll, the movie describes in horrific detail how the author passed in a few short months from being a Catholic high school basketball star to being a strung-out heroin addict who fantasizes about walking into school and blowing students and teachers away with a shot gun.

Continue reading “Basketball Diaries by Scott Kalvert”

Braveheart William Wallace

The movie Braveheart, directed by Mel Gibson, tells the story of William Wallace, freedom fighter for Scotland at the end of the 14th century. The movie reflects the universal theme of freedom, with the specific theme that some things are worth fighting for. The movie works because the story is complex on multiple levels. First there is the conflict between Wallace’s desire to live in peace and simply raise a family in peace. This desire is in conflict with The king of England, Edward “Longshanks,” and his determination to dominate Scotland.

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